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My name is Dafne Mandadakis Anaya, I’m a fun-loving mom of two. I was born in Manly, Sydney Australia from a Greek family. Growing up my time was split between Australia and Greece. I even spent time living on the Greek island of Lesvos which north east towards Turkey. I was educated in both the Australian and Greek education systems - these were some of the best years of my life!

I met my amazing husband in Greece. We moved to the United States together. We now live in California with our two darling children. My daughter is 13 and my son is 5.
With the age gap, I feel like a live two separate busy lives!

I love to keep busy and have fun! My hobbies include singing, dancing, staying healthy, makeup, and fashion. Fun fact when I was in high school in Australia I signed to a record label to record an album but my family ended up moving back to Greece before I ever had the chance to record - so I guess it wasn’t meant to be but I still love singing and performing  live on occasion. 

At this point of my life I am ready and know very well who I want to be! Helping other women be beautiful from the inside out!